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After more than a decade of unrivaled security services, ISA has a unique capacity to assess, understand, and identify a client’s security needs. ISA develops and delivers a cost effective, customized solution package of physical and personnel security enhancements in a variety of highly specialized areas. Security is our business and peace of mind is our guarantee.

Drawing from an experienced team of professionals, ISA provides comprehensive security and investigative services for major international corporations, schools, college campuses, hotels, office buildings, military installations, as well as government agencies. Utilizing an extensive recruiting network, ISA is able to hire experienced veterans from the military, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies as well as graduates from criminal justice programs at major colleges. In addition to our selective hiring process, advanced in house training helps our officers to consistently provide professional, premium security services with discretion.

ISA provides on-site security officers for both short term engagements and as a component of ISA’s comprehensive long term security programs, assisting clients in the development of an effective balance of security solutions. Experienced officers provide our customers with discrete protective services, assisting clients by minimizing the risk of incident. Our security consulting services are proven to deliver uncompromised security for clients exposed to various levels of security risk. Assisting major airlines, international corporations, and numerous state and federal government agencies in the development and implementation of custom security solutions, ISA has demonstrated its dominance in the provision of premium security.

The principal at ISA, Stephen M. Harney, is a former federal law enforcement manager with many years of experience directing physical and personnel security operations. As President & CEO, Mr. Harney has many years of experience in senior federal enforcement capacities, providing protective services for government agencies worldwide, while also detailed to the US Secret Service during presidential campaigns. In addition, ISA’s staff of managers delivers decades of combined security industry, law enforcement and military experience, providing a truly unmatched level of quality service and consultation. Call us at 508-893-9900 or email us at to see how you can benefit from our years of experience and knowledge.

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